At the Atlas-translate translation agency you can order written translation of any complexity. Just send the text via e-mail, and our managers will assess the cost and deadline. Professional written translation is in demand in many spheres of human activity, and such translation requires knowledge of a large number of highly specialized terminology. Our agency has an extensive base of highly qualified translators capable of handling any task.

Scientific and technical translation

Scientific and technical translation requires the work of translators with special qualifications, not only having a high level of a foreign language, but also solid knowledge of science or technology. We work with translators who have not only linguistic, but also additional technical education. Texts of this kind are most often characterized by an abundance of highly specialized terminology, the complexity and conservatism of grammatical structures, the need for a deep understanding of the theoretical base.

We do translations of:
  • Engineering drawings, schedules and plans;
  • Operation manuals, instructions;
  • Technical articles, descriptions, specifications;
  • Scientific articles, teaching materials, manuals;
  • Other scientific or technical texts.

Medical translation

Medical translation is one of the most difficult types of translation, because in this case you need not only perfect knowledge of the language, but also certain knowledge of medicine: terminology, the results of recent research. In addition to competent translators who specialize in medical translation and have accumulated a huge scope of knowledge in this area, practicing doctors work with us on an ongoing basis. Their consultations allow us to carry out translation as competently as possible, avoiding mistakes.
              We do translations of:
  • Documentation for medical equipment;
  • Certificates, medical licenses;
  • Extracts from medical records, medical history, certificates, epicrisis;
  • Other medical documents.

Legal translation

The complexity of legal translation lies in conveying the meaning of a text filled with complex vocabulary, clichéd phrases and highly specialized legal terms as clearly and accurately as possible.

We do translations of:
  • Claims, statements, court decisions;
  • Incorporation documents;
  • Charters, agreements, contracts;
  • Corporate and tender documents;
  • Other legal documents.